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Furry AI art generator websites continue to welcome more users daily. Are you thinking about generating images from scratch or how to draw furry NSFW?

Read along this piece as we discuss in detail the top five furry AI art generators supporting NSFW content. 

What Is Furry AI Art Generator? 

These are software tools that work with machine language (ML). The ML allows these tools to produce digital human-like images. 

These images are known as furries. AI furry art generators source their datasets from images created, using them to recreate new art.  

While many are interested in furry NSFW, most AI furry generators do not support NSFW content. But we will talk about the top five NSFW furry generators.

Top 5 Free NSFW Furry AI Girl Generated Tools

If you are looking forward to generating furry art NSFW content, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the top five free NSFW furries generator tools. 


Soulgen is a powerful AI content generator that allows you to create a lookalike image. The tool helps in creating your creative superpowers. It has enhanced features under the editing section. You can remove or add image content using simple text prompts under the edit section. You can create your NSFW furry avatars within seconds. 

Features of Soulgen 

  • Unending gallery
  • Collaborate with creators
  • Image edit 
  • Create your portrait and polish to your taste 
  • Real soulmate generation with imagination 
  • Anime personalization 
  • Free trial and first subscription up to 50% off

How To Use Soulgen Text to Image

  • Visit the Soulgenand Sign up
  • Submit a perfect prompt of your preferred AI image 
  • Choose aspect ratio
  • Select the number of images 
  • Click Generate
Example 1Example 2

Try Soulgen


Deepswap is a popular NSFW AI art generator that supporting furry content. This tool can help you generate dream furry girl. And it not only provide image format, but also gif and video format.

Deepswap Features:

  • AI girl generators: generate anime and real furry girls
  • Edit Image: change image background, character’s hair, cloth and more
  • Remove object: remove something from image
  • Face swap: deepfake for your furry girl, supporting image, gif and video
  • Free trials and first subscription up to 50% off

How to use Deepswap AI girl feature:

  • Visit Deepswap and choose “AI Girl Generator”
  • Enter your prompt
  • Click “Generate” and download your furry AI girl
Example 1Example 2

Try Deepswap

3.AI Porn Net

AI porn Net is a simple-to-use NSFW furry site that allows users to create stunning AI porn furry images. It offers a simple user experience. It is a perfect choice for those who want instant AI porn furries. The mobile-compatible NSFW furry site offers incredible quality. Porn has never been so fun with this generator. 


  • Free plan 
  • Dummy-proof operation
  • Crystal clear images
  • Juicy results

How To Use 

  • Visit the site 
  • Create an account and sign in 
  • Click “generator” at the top right corner
  • Fill in your prompts
  • Generate image 
Example 1Example 2

Try AIPorn.Net

4.Neural Love

This furries NSFW generator allows users to process media efficiently. Users can process media through the web or API using this AI content generator. Neural Love offers cutting-edge technology for anyone to access crystal-clear images. 

Features of Neural Love 

  • Portrait Resize
  • Image quality enhancement
  • AI avatar generation
  • User-friendly interface 

How To Use Neural Love 

  • Visit the Neural Love website
  • Create an account
  • Click “AI art generator.”
  • Choose your preferred AI, e.g., anime 
  • Select image total 
  • Click “generate” to get your images 

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5.Novel AI

This is a monthly subscription AI furry art generator service for storytelling. It makes users’ imagination a reality, allowing anyone to create realistic storytelling with image depictions. It offers several enhanced features that help in story writing. 

Features of Novel AI 

  • Global random images 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Memory (Remember) for details storage
  • Customizable editor
  • AI modules 

How To Use Novel AI 

  • Visit the site
  • Write your story in the prompt box
  • You may choose existing scenarios
  • Click “generate” 

Bonus: Neocities

This AI software allows you to generate short fascinating stories and prompts. You can generate all kinds of stories or prompts by filling in a piece of information about two persons in the spaces provided. 

Features of Neocities 

  • NSFW prompt
  • Generate multiple stories
  • Twist stories without changing the characters 

How To Use Neocities

  • Go to Neocities website
  • Fill in information about two persons
  • Click generate to get a short story or prompt

9 Useful NSFW Furries Girl Prompts 

Getting the best outcomes with any furry AI art generator depends on perfect prompts. As such, you must be precise and accurate with your prompts. 

The descriptions could vary, depending on your NSFW furries. To have a more detailed outcome on a body type, you can describe the qualities in detail.

Upper, middle, and lower body descriptions in detail can generate the exact image you want in NSFW furry AI images. 

To broaden your prompts, you may consider race, hip size, clothing, hairstyle, private parts, ass type, eye color, or location. 

5 Useful NSFW Furries Girl Prompts (Real)

We use Soulgen as a tool to do it, you can also choose other AI art generator, such as Deepswap, AI Porn Net, Picso.

Prompt 1:

Sexy, hot 22-year-old, NSFW furry girl with cute orange ear, thick, petite, big breasts, blue eyes, long nose, romantic, nude, round nipples, pink lips, sitting on a couch, folding arms, braless, topless

Try Soulgen

Prompt 2:

A horny-looking 20-year-old NSFW furry Brazilian like fox, long hair, tattoos, blue eyes, medium breasts, braless, standing, naked, pink lips, gorgeous look, slim, with tattoos, long legs, big breasts, Braless, blue eyes. 

Prompt 3:

A 25-year-old Nigerian furry wolf girl with wolf ear, average breasts, curvy shape, thick waist, long legs, long nose, in a robe, no tattoo, long purple hair, tiny ass, loveable, detailed eyes, horny, in a room, holding her waist.

Prompt 4:

A 30-year-old Ghanaian furry girl, bending, makeup, medium breasts, no panties, breast hold, dark nipples, curvy, at the pool, long hair, grey hair, sexy, navel. 

Prompt 5:

A 25-year-old Mexican furry girl, naked, medium boobs, sexy, on the bed, shaved, curly brown hair, pink lips, athletic body, horny, buttocks, navel, tattoo, squatting. 

4 NSFW Furry Girl Prompts (Anime)

Prompt 1:

Sexy 24-year-old braless, Canadian furry girl, sexy ass, small boobs, standing, black panties, red lips, sexy shape, no tattoo,   smiling, small ass, blue eyes, black long hair, sexy eyes.

Try Soulgen

Propmpt 2:

A tall, gorgeous, round breasts, small breasts, sexy, big nipple, fat ass, slim, white long hair, small boobs, breast hold, sitting on a red chair, frowning, green long hair, black panties, braless, topless, 21-year-old Australian furry girl. 

Prompt 3:

A young sexy 19-year-old fury girl, ass, straight long hair, brown eyes, innocent look, standing on a ship, small flat boobs, sexy eyes, holding her waist, shaved pussy, no necklace.

Prompt 4:

A 27-year-old Italian furry girl, pink lips, small breasts, nipples, braless, pants on, short brown hair, short nose, sexy eyes, smiling, under the rain, tall, kneeling, red lips, necklace. 

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When to Use Furry NSFW Content? 

There are many places suitable for using NSFW furry AI content. Below are the most suitable places to use them. 

Social Avatars

Social pages are one of the places you can use furry art NSFW images. They are often used to fill profile picture areas. Users can customize their NSFW furry AI images. 

NSFW furry story

Popular storytelling platforms incorporate NSFW furries into their stories for readers to understand better. As such, they can grab every discussion with the pictorial representation. 

NSFW furry game 

Game enthusiasts will always find NSFW characters in NSFW furry games. Titles like Sakura Rage and Lust Streets feature some incredible furry NSFW comics. 

Porn ChatBot

Many dating and porn sites feature chatbots that reply to users when they inquire about a subject. 

Most of these sites feature NSFW furries avatars representing their customer support team. When users ask them questions, they reply to them in a human-like form. 

Porn Short Video 

Most porn video sites welcome users with short porn videos. These videos often contain NSFW content, informing users what to expect on their site. 

Popular Furry AI Characters

Furry characters are popular. You can find them in famous movies, anime, and comics. 

Some famous furry characters are: 

Lola Bunny

This female NSFW furry character debuted in Space Jam. She’s famous for her siren-esque basketball skills. She usually appears in a white tank top and blue shorts. 

She has the physical strength to take on her opponents in any game. Known as a morale booster, Lola is also believed to be arrogant by some. 

Her basketball win against the Nerdlucks was to save Looney Toons from slavery. 

Usagi Tsukino–Sailor Moon

Anime lovers will recognize Usagi as one of the most popular anime characters ever.

Usagi is a boyfriend and fashion lover but would never do her schoolwork.

The female anime character was sometimes a reluctant hero. Even without her consent, she was forcefully given a magical destiny. 

Felicia Darkstalkers 

This female furry character appears in the Darkstalkers Series, a Capcom fighting game. She grew up in a convent. As an optimistic catgirl, she became a pop star after her caregiver died. Prepared for the worst, she left to build a career in music. 

She was always optimistic that only she could make herself happy in life. Her stardom created a peaceful relationship between Darkstalkers and humans alike. 

And now you can use a NSFW furry generator to get your dream furry character.


Furry AI art generator continues to evolve daily. While several tools exist, the NSFW furries generator discussed above can address your AI furry art needs. 

Despite all these tools sharing common features, it is worth comparing their features. As such, you can determine which tool suits your needs most.

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