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By utilizing the power of AI and Machine Learning, hentai nudify applications such as DeepNude AI, are able to virtually undress almost any hentai images. These apps are designed to provide quick, easy, and realistic results. Some deepnude AI apps focus only on images, while others work with videos as well, and even enable undressing on AI hentai

What Is Deepnude? 

Deepnude cc is an AI-powered tool that can easily remove clothes from photos. The AI nudify app is straightforward, and you don’t need to have any knowledge of how this system works to enjoy the results. The Deepnude app will create realistic AI nudes, undressing any photo of clothed men or women you upload. Deepnude can be used on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Plus, there are almost no content restrictions. 


  • Super realistic AI nudes.
  • Unlimited nudes. 
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to enjoy creating naked photos.
  • The algorithm works with millions of images to create the perfect results.


  • The free trial is very limited.
  • Not available for undressing hentai or anime pictures
  • Built-in Deepnude v2.0 tech, more repetitive results and mode collapse.

Top 9 Deepnude Alternative AI Porn Apps (Real & Hentai)

Although Deepnude online is an excellent nudifier app for beginners, there are many other nudify apps or deepnude maker alternatives to be considered. Here is a list of the best AI nudifiers for you to consider checking out:

1. 💎SoulGen – AI Nudify Both Hentai and Real Pic

SoulGen is the perfect deepnude option if you want to create convincing nude hentai or deepfakes on naked images. The all-in-one deep nude AI tool features both faceswap and hentai AI nude generator.

One of the key features of SoulGen AI is nudifying a woman’s picture into a topless one. The app allows you to select hentai girl image parts, for example, clothing, and seamlessly remove them for nude visualization.

Moreover, the AI nudifier also allows you to generate AI nudes by prompt text or simple a click. What’s more, you can edit the generated nude hentai image or expand it without the border limit.

Instead of undressing a photo you upload, SoulGen app supports creating the perfect nude image with its deepfake technology. By faceswaping an already nude image, you get the illusion of undressing whoever you want! That said, this deepnude alternative app uses complex deepfake AI tech, allowing anyone to create deepfake videos and images within seconds.

Let’s see how SoulGen works:

SoulGen has a free-trial on AI nudes generation and offers a 70% discount on the first purchase. You can get it with a monthly plan for only $9.99 and its yearly plan for $69.99.


  • Perfect for beginners with a user-friendly interface.
  • Available for both AI nude hentai/ anime and naked real photo
  • Allows deepfake NSFW/ adult content, like nudifying a video, image, or GIF.
  • Quick and realistic AI deepfake or nude generation results.


  • You’ll have to subscribe or purchase credits. 
  • You’ll have to register.

2. 🔥 is an AI deepnude generator for hentai anime or realistic naked girl editing. You can upload hentai girl images and select the image parts you want the undressing, and then the AI nudifier will undress the hentai girl using deep nude AI technology – Deepnude v3.0. Also, the online undresser allows you to change or add elements to the selected part by prompt text. It takes only seconds to generate the AI hentai nude result. What’s more, is free to use.

It is known that Deepnude v1.0 tech is unable to generate HD images by its image-smear effect, while Deepnude v2.0, aka GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), comes with mode collapse. That’s why image-smear-based deepnude apps, like, often bring you low-resolution nude results. On the other hand, GANs-based AI nudifiers, like, often generate repetitive results.

However, as an AI undresser built-in Diffusion-based tech , has emerged as a prominent representative of the Deepnude v3.0. This technology ensures more detailed and realistic naked images when your original pictures are in complex structures or textures. Besides, Diffusion models also reduce mode collapse, generating better AI hentai results than that from Deepnude v1.0 or v2.0.

So, why not have a try on, the cutting-edge hentai deepnude app?


  • Undress hentai or anime picture easily
  • Free online AI deep nude app without any limit
  • Fast remove clothing from a girl’s image
  • Built-in Deepnude v3.0 tech, more detailed and realistic result and less mode collapse.
  • No watermark on the downloads, no blur, and no ads


  • Not available for nude video editing


Deepsukebe uses deepnude AI technology developed by Japanese researchers that can automatically undress photos. It uses previously designed algorithms that easily erase clothes from any image. The results are accurate, fast, and realistic. Since this technology is still in the process of development, we can only expect improvements in the future. 


  • Try the app for free.
  • Results are accurate and realistic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Download the results.


  • The free version provides blurred results.
  • Not available for anime undressing

4. AINude.Porn

Imagine how easy it is to generate an AI nudes wedding photo or nudist beach image with AINude.Porn!

This free AI nude app online tool also supports hentai nudifying images. You can upload any kind of hetnai or anime picture, and then make use of AINude.Porn Editor to nudify the hentai image to a nude one. Just select the area you want to remove elements from, and then click “Remove Object” to undress clothing for big hentai breasts.

What’s more, the AI deepnude generator also allows you to add new elements by text. Simply select the image parts and type your prompt. AI will do its magic after your click on “Generate”.


  • Free AI deepnude app without limit
  • One-click to nudify a photo or hentai/ manga/ anime
  • Fast generate what you want from the prompt text


  • Simple and limit feature

5. Sukebezone

With over 7000 satisfied users, Sukebezone introduces itself as the leading platform for nudification. It is a great dngg alternative, providing its users with many editing options. The results are ultra-HD and realistic. You can pay with a card or crypto, but the latter offers amazing discounts.


  • Mini-games can help you win freebies.
  • Get a refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Paying with crypto comes with discounts.


  • No proper freebies.
  • No anime hentai
  • Card payments do not have discounts. 

6. DreamTime

DreamTime is a free application that can quickly create fake nudes. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. DreamTime has a user-friendly interface, and with its open-source program, you can build a version specific to your operating system. The application supports videos, pictures, and GIFs.


  • Multi-platform application.
  • Open-source code.
  • Supports pictures, GIFs, and videos. 
  • Many customization options. 


  • You have to download it before you can use it.
  • It could be overwhelming for newcomers. 


For a simple and easy-to-use nudify app, try It allows you to upload different kinds of photos resulting in high-quality nudes. The app requires you to register first before you can use it. has an active Telegram community you are welcome to interact with.


  • Easy-to-use deep nude app.
  • High-quality fast results.
  • Limited free version.
  • Active and friendly Telegram community.


  • Only ten free credits.
  • Not hentai nude feature
  • Long waiting times for free users.

8. AI Nude.AI

AINude.AI comes with deep nude AI tech, too. It is an art nude maker to edit and generate naked pictures from text. If you want to undress any girl photo or image, this AI deepnude app is a good choice. The in-browser undresser is a simple design, so you can easily find the entrance to edit your photo.

Just upload or drag an image to the area. Then, use the brush to select image parts you want to edit or remove elements from. After that, you have two options: “Generate” and “Remove Object”. The former supports making changes by text prompt, while the latter allows nudify the picture to topless.


  • Totally free and easy-to-use hentai deepnude app online
  • User-friendly interface
  • Nudify a hentai image to a high-quality and seamlessly realistic naked girl


  • No faceswap
  • Too simple features


This AI deepnude platform offers naked women variant images from clothed ones. That said, allows you to upload an image and choose body types to customize your nude photos. So, you can easily take clothes off photos. The AI nudifier employs GANs tech to perform the AI nudes transformation. To be more detailed, the tech, with two neural networks, drives a generator to put out new images on what it learned, and then, get the image quality valued.


  • Simple user interface
  • Custom body type for deepnude characters
  • Nudify photos in different resolution


  • Do not support common payment methods like PayPal
  • Based on out-of-date Deepnude v2.0, GANs tech


If you are an AI hentai nudes fan, you may like to have a try on It is a free AI deepnude generator for the anime or hentai generation. Unlike other AI undressers, AI is the most simple and easy-to-use nudifier. That said, you can simply select preset tags, instead of thinking complex prompt by yourself. And then, the AI hentai generator will create the AI nudes you desire in just one click.


  • Free AI nudes generator for hentai style
  • AI tag-to-image nudifier, without prompt typing
  • Simple designed and easy to use
  • Gallery with reference tags


  • Limited free generation times each day

How to Fast Deep Nude and Remove Clothing on Hentai With AI

With deepnude AI technology, we can undress most hentai pics and some videos. However, undressing videos often result in oddly shaped bodies and errors. That’s why if you prefer undressing videos instead of pictures, you should consider deepfake apps, such as Deepswap or SoulGen deepnude tool.

SoulGen is an in-browser deep nude app designed to make complex deepfake technology accessible to all users. It provides incredibly hentai and realistic faceswap results in pictures and GIFs. Thus, while using a nudifying app might not give you the results you were hoping for, SoulGen surely will. 

Besides, this AI nudifier is also built in several powerful tools to generate AI nudes. You can create hentai deep nudes via just one click or text.

Here are 3 ways you can utilize SoulGen AI nudifier to generate the undressed deepfake adult image or hentai naked girl image:

Method #1 AI Nudify Hentai Image by One-Click

Step 1. Go to “Edit” on SoulGen AI nudifier online app. There’s an AI editor available to remove clothes from images or photos.

Step 2. Upload a hentai image with a well-dressing portrait. Then, select the image parts that you want to nudify by clicking the brush from the tool bar below. Click “Create” button.

Step 3. Check and save the hentai nudified result. If you are not happy with the nudified hentai image, you can click “Re-create” for another try.

Try the one-click clothing removal:

Undress Hentai Now

Method #2 Generate Nudified Hentai Image by Text

Step 1. Go to “Generate” on SoulGen deepnude site. Type your prompt to describe the hentai naked image you want.

E.g. You enter prompt text “blonde hair girl, green eyes, naked, big boobs, spread legs, pussy, bed

Step 2. Select “Anime Girl” style and the image quality.

Step 3. Click “Generate” button and waiting for the result. You can download the nudified image after the generation. But if you are not satisfied with the AI hentai result, just click “Re-create” to generate a new nude hentai with the same prompt.

Try the text-to-nude AI tool:

Generate Nudes Now

Method #3 Deep Nude a Photo by Faceswap

Step 1.  Login SoulGen and find “Face Swap” on the nav-bar. Click “Upload File” and choose the file you want to faceswap. This can be a photo (10MB max) or a GIF (15MB max).

Step 2. AI will recognize and display a source face from your uploaded file. Click “Add Face” and choose a Target Face for the file you uploaded. You can also the history-recognized target face from the list below.

Step 3. Click Face swap once you are ready to generate the swap results.

Step 4.  You can then choose to download the video, picture, or GIF by clicking Save.

Try the deep face swap AI nudes:

Deepfake Nude Now


In today’s day and age, we no longer have to wait for nudes to be leaked. We also do not need extensive Photoshop skills to undress images or photos. Instead, many deepnude online apps will do all the work for you.

Many of these AI hentai nudify apps provide free trials or cheap memberships and can nudify virtually any photos or hentai images. However, if you want to undress a video, you should consider a faceswap app instead. For example, SoulGen, Deep-Nude.AI and is an in-browser AI deepnude app that works with hentai pictures, photos, and GIFs, delivering the highest quality realistic results.



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