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Creating dressed/ undressed photographs no longer requires extensive Photoshop skills. With AI advancements available today, you can have great results with just one click. AI tech works with complex algorithms in order to deliver the best dressing or undressing picture results.

That said, not all AI undresser apps provide you with the same quality of results. It all comes down to the purpose of wanting to undress photos. Here is everything you need to know about the dressed undressed AI and why it is used.

When Will You Need Dressed/ Undressed AI Pictures

When we think about dressed/ undressed AI, the first thing most people think about is the adult industry. Although it’s true that these apps are often used for women undressing, they can have other purposes, as well.

  • Dressed images: sometimes, AI photo undresser apps can dress up a model. This is useful when creating a modeling picture, dressing designs, e-commerce displays, or when you are simply trying to see whether certain outfits fit you. Dress undress apps are designed for recreationally for fun!
  • Undressed images: usually, AI women undressing apps can create adult porn content. Even, some people use such AI undresser programs to undress their favorite celebrities or just anyone they have a photograph of.

Best AI Tool for Dressed Undressed Content Creation

Not all dressed/ undressed app options will provide you with the same results. While some offer super realistic results, others look cheap and obviously fake. If you are searching for an affordable AI photo undresser, you should consider SoulGen.

This in-browser app does all the work for you with just a couple of clicks. However, instead of undressing a photo, it provides you with faceswap AI technology that can easily swap faces on any photographs, GIFs, or videos you upload.

Main features:

  • High-quality, realistic deepfake dressed and undressed results, in just a couple of seconds.
  • Works with HD videos even up to 10 minutes.
  • Swap multiple faces simultaneously, including gender swap.
  • The results come with no blur, and you don’t have to worry about watermarks and ads.
  • Turns text into to image and edits image parts with one click.
  • You can easily use the dressed undressed app online; there’s no need to download it!

How to Dress on a Photo

If you’ve ever wondered how you would look wearing a certain dress, suit, or anything else, SoulGen is a dressed undressed app that can help you out. This web-based program provides you with quality faceswap AI technology that will do all the dress-up work for you.

Thus, you no longer need extensive knowledge of programs to create faceswap content, you can have everything ready in 3 seconds. All you need is a picture of a person wearing clothes you wish to try on, and the AI dresser app will help you visualize the results.

Dress Photos Now

Here is how it works in dress-up image:

Step 1: Login to SoulGen and find “Face Swap” on the nav bar. Click ‘Upload File’ and choose a well-dressing model photo (10MB max), GIF (15MB max), or video (500MB max) you wish to paste a head on.

Step 2: Add a ‘Target Face’ to your uploaded file. On the right, you’ll see all the faces recognized from the file you uploaded. Simply click on one of those faces from the list below, or click ‘Add Face’ to upload another face. This is the target face that will replace the recognized one.

Step 3: Once you are happy with your choices, click ‘Face swap’ and wait a couple of seconds. Your results will be shown, and you can click ‘Save’ to save them or ‘Upload Next File’ to continue a new faceswapping.

This the dress-up result:

Just try this AI dresser tool. It also works in virtual try-on like hair color, haircut, hairstyle, wig, evening gown, bikini, cosplay costume, and more. All you need is to swap your facial image onto the model’s photo.

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How to Undress Clothing on a Photo

SoulGen is your best choice for dressing and undressing photos. If you are a lot more interested in creating adult content and undressing photos, then this app is still a good AI clothes remover. All you need is a picture of a nude model and a facial image you wish to paste on the picture. Here is how that works:

Undress Photos Now

Step 1: First, click “Face Swap” on SoulGen site nav bar after your login. You need to upload the nude image, GIF, or video of the model (or anyone else). It is a good idea to consider realistic proportions, skin and hair color, and other details. This can give you more realistic results overall.

Step 2: Once SoulGen recognizes the uploaded photo, GIF, or video, you’ll need to select your ‘Target Face.’ This is the face that will be pasted on the file you uploaded. If you can’t find the ideal facial model you are looking for from the history list, then just click on ‘Add Face’ and upload the file of the face.

Step 3: When you finish the editing, click ‘Face swap.’ The AI clothes remover will provide you with quality results in just a couple of seconds. Click ‘Save’ to save the results to your device or ‘Upload Next File’ to keep undressing photos.

Now, let’s have a look at the generated result:

So, it is a good AI undresser app to generate clothes-removed photos. What you need to do is to put a face onto a naked body. Just let the AI do the magic and generate the seamless and high-quality nude photo with the face you want.


The online dresser/ undresser AI program requires registration. You can choose to register via Facebook, Gmail, or email. Once you create an account, you can choose from one of the two main memberships. Both of these offers will be 50% off for all new members.

Anyone can use SoulGen, and it does not matter if you are a content creator, marketer, advertiser, or you enjoy creating adult content… the app is here to deliver great results!

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Whether you are an aspiring digital artist or a marketing professional, SoulGen dressed undressed AI tool can provide you with great results. This is a web-based dressed undressed app that uses artificial intelligence to provide create fantastic changes. It most commonly works as a dressed/ undressed app that can help you try things on or see how some people look naked. It works great with undressing GIFs, photos, and videos, allowing you to create undressing porn images with a couple of clicks.

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