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Shoujo Ramune is among the most popular hentai anime recently, especially for those who adore lolis anime or manga. Over the years, this shoujo anime has gained a lot of traction both in controversies and a loyal following.

But I’m not here to debate these things. The fact that you’re here most likely says that you are at least interested in this hentai story. And today, I’ll teach you how to make Shoujo Ramune cosplay using AI.

About Shoujo Ramune

But what is Shoujo Ramune? Roughly translated, it means “young girl lemonade” or “virgin lemonade,” and it’s a rather accurate and unironic title for the story. The anime was released in late 2016. It follows the story of three anime lolis looking for free snacks and candies.

Eventually, they run into Kiyoshi Tachikawa, a candy store owner who lives in the outskirts of Tokyo. The three girls, Chie Sayama, Komako Semenovich, and Tenka Adachi soon find themselves developing romantic feelings for Kiyoshi.

Over time, the three adorable little musketeers would pass time in his place and indulge in sensual bliss. The entire story consists of only four episodes, but the Shoujo Ramune characters are widely famed for several reasons.

Why Shoujo Ramune is Popular

There isn’t a Shoujo Ramune manga, and it’s among the firsts of its kind to go straight into anime production. This brevity is perhaps one of the reasons why people love the anime. But on top of that, images of Shoujo Ramune characters might be quite popular because of their cuteness.

Some would visit and watch the anime out of curiosity as to why it gained the fame (or notoriety) it did. But of course, some simply take pleasure in loli lust, and the manga is just about the exact formula for it.

I know. Trying to find Shoujo Ramune uncensored images is extremely difficult. But with the power of AI anime generators like Deepswap AI, SoulGen AI, and AnimeGenius, this challenge is almost nonexistent.

And the section below will show you why I think that is.

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Guide to Generate Shoujo Ramune AI Anime

Whether you want a Chie Sayama hentai image or an Adachi Tenka anime art, Deepswap AI should help you do that. This anime loli AI generator lets you generate anime art or NSFW images through text prompts.

Its latest feature, the “Edit” page, allows you to edit clothes on the subject and even add new elements on a pre-existing image. All you have to do is to select the areas you want to replace and type in a text prompt of what you want to include in the image.

Now, you can visit the anime generator and follow the guide below to create your favorite Shoujo Ramune characters:

Create Anime Roles

Here’s how to do it with the anime images.

Step 1: Enter Text Prompts for Shoujo Ramune Characters

The first thing you want to do is to write the text prompts for your Shoujo Ramune characters. There are several presets below the generator, but none of them are quite related to this manga.

You can type in what you imagine the characters to be, or search for their appearances on online forums or anime websites. For instance, an Adachi Tenka anime art could use prompts like “black hair,” “loli,” and “small breasts.”

Try the prompt below:

child, loli, black hair, hair down to waist, small breast, flat breast, pink dress, pink ribbon on hair, slim arms and legs, red eyes, top view, looking at viewer

Step 2: Choose between Anime or Real Girl Style

After entering the prompts, you can choose between Real Girl (realistic) or Anime Girl (animation). If you’re looking for Shoujo Ramune cosplay images, choose the former. But if you want a similar art style as the anime, choose Anime Girl.

Step 3: Generate the AI Loli

Finally, click “Generate” to see how the loli anime image turned out. Here’s what I was able to generate using Deepswap AI.

Step 4: Edit (Optional)

After generating the image, you can then click “Edit” if there are things you want to change. For example, if you want to turn the loli anime image into NSFW, just select the area you wish to edit. The areas with the purple shade is where the additional prompts will take effect.

Enter your prompts then click “Generate” and this should produce a new image with the added elements. Here’s a sample after turning the Shoujo Ramune image into NSFW.

So, you can also create NSFW AI generated loli for your fan art or fan fiction in Deepswap. Simply type the prompt with NSFW keywords to control the generated result.

[Bonus] Prompts for Shoujo Ramune Character Generation on AI Apps

For a bonus section, let me provide you with some of the best prompts you could use to generate Shoujo Ramune NSFW, cosplay, or anime art images. I used Deepswap AI to generate these images.

1. Chie Sayama Hentai

Prompt: shoujo ramune, loli, hentai, nsfw, small breast, flat breast, partly dressed, partly nude, slim arms and legs, brown hair, long hair, short bangs, hairpins, amber eyes, blue dress, big eyes, small lips, big ears, looking at viewer,

2. Adachi Tenka Anime Art

Prompt: shoujo ramune, loli, black hair, hair down to waist, small breast, flat breast, black crop top shirt, visible bra strap, fitted denim shorts, navel, seductive eyes, pink ribbon on hair, slim arms and legs, red eyes, top view, looking at viewer,

3. Shoujo Ramune Cosplay (Komako Semenovich)

(Change art style to Real Girl)

Prompt: shoujo ramune, loli, white hair, petite, long pigtail hair, short bangs, very small breast, flat chest, white skin, white nightgown, sleeveless, blue eyes, innocent eyes, thin arms and legs, small lips, thin body,

4. Shoujo Ramune Characters

Prompt: shoujo ramune, loli, three girls, petite, flat chest, very small breast, thin arms and legs, one girl with brown hair blue tank top, one girl with black hair black crop top denim shorts, one girl with white hair white dress, small lips, nsfw, hentai,

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There you have it. That’s how you can create Shoujo Ramune art, loli anime hentai, or cosplay images using an AI image generator. Remember that every AI generator is built differently, which means you might get different results even if you use the exact prompts above.

Nonetheless, try using Deepswap AI, since the tool allows you to edit the images after, ensuring that the final product is exactly how you imagined it to be.



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